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Carlton Cricket Club is one of the oldest cricket clubs in the world. It was founded in 1854 and is located at Princes Park, Melbourne. The club has a long history of producing talented cricketers and has won 10 1st XI Premierships.

The Carlton Cricket Club was founded in 1854 by six members of the Melbourne Cricket Club who were unhappy with the location of that club's ground at Yarra Park, which had been chosen for its proximity to the Melbourne Cricket Ground.

The original ground at Royal Park was owned by the Melbourne Cricket Club, and the Carlton Cricket Club was forced to move to a new ground in 1864 because of the cricket club's objections to the location of the new ground at Lyall Street, which was within walking distance of the Melbourne Cricket Ground.

The Carlton Cricket Club was an early member of the Victorian Cricket Association, which was formed in 1877.

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The History of Carlton Cricket Club

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